Re: [Vserver] Moving Vservers from one Linux machine to other .

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Mon 05 Dec 2005 - 10:02:50 GMT
Message-ID: <>

> Can anyone explain,how to move vservers from one linux to other linux machine?Without installing vserver related kernel and tools is it possible to start my vserver on new linux machine?

You must install vServer Kernel and Tools on both machines

> How to copy my vserver within the machine,is it enough to take just cp of that directory ?I m struct with this problem,to proceed further .Plz help me in solving this.
Best way is to simply create a new "skeleton" with vserver tools and
then just copy over the entire (not running) directory /vserver/<old> to

To copy/repliacte the servers between machines its sufficient to copy
/etc/vservers/<servername> and /vserver/<servername> to the new maschine


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