Re: [Vserver] results and minor problem / vs2.1.0-rc8 on x86_64 arch

From: Grzegorz Nosek <>
Date: Tue 06 Dec 2005 - 07:58:20 GMT
Message-ID: <>

2005/12/6, Herbert Poetzl <>:
> btw, rc9 is out, with some fixes but also the 'dangerous'
> dynamic xid option (which probably will change the default
> with the final release)


I'd love to see future releases announced here too (esp. with a short
list of changes).

Right now to know the changes I'll need to apply the rc8 and rc9
patches to two vanilla trees and diff them afterwards (a diff of two
diffs is ugly and unreadable). Could you maybe provide incremental
patches between rc* releases a'la mainline linux/kernel/v2.6/incr/?

Unfortunately I cannot dwell on the IRC channel too often but I'd like
to stay on the bleeding edge.

Best regards,
 Grzegorz Nosek
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