Re: [Vserver] VServer vs OpenVZ

From: Alex Lyashkov <>
Date: Wed 07 Dec 2005 - 18:40:16 GMT
Message-Id: <1133980816.3359.41.camel@berloga.shadowland>

> > FreeVPS stores pointer to context structure, at kernel object (more
> > work, debugging, but much faster access to data, that is needed for
> > each context switch).
> hmm, again JFYI, linux-vserver uses both, context references
> as well as xid information, wherever the one or the other
> applies ...
network, fs, ngnet looks use xid taging.
I don`t see real use of context reference.

> > I see a lot of potential in the possible merge, but I consider the
> > way FreeVPS works with context ids to be much more efficient. I also
> > consider it fairly critical for optimum performance on a server with
> > large number of VPSes. It would be great to work together though, but
> > it makes sense only if VServer developers are interested in merging
> > projects/porting some of the FreeVPS staff to VServers as well.
> cooperation is not about porting stuff from one project
> to the other, cooperation is about discussing stuff and
> ideas, and keeping the APIs (and maybe userspace tools)
> somewhat compatible, so that folks (the customers) can
> choose to their likings ...
For me, it`s interested only with merge project to one.

> > Other side - FreeVPS used RH EL kernels. this adds stability to the
> > kernel API, while all the bug fixes are back ported. At the same time
> I do not understand why folks always think that back
> porting bug fixes adds to stability ... well, maybe
> to the stability of the API but not to the kernel
> stability ...
If you don`t love RH, look how work Debian re.

> > Vserver can continue to use bleeding edge kernels/be portable across
> > all the platforms If compare features - FreeVPS has all features which
> > VServer have at x86 platform. Yet, at this moment it is the only
> > platform supported.
> hmm, looking here I see a bunch of differences:
This only basic :) Don`t include per context IPC, per context
ip_conntrack, per context arp_tables, separated UIDS, and some other.

> btw, is there a patch (or even better, broken out
> version) available which applies to mainline?
> (just curious)
> best,
> Herbert
> PS: please point me to _any_ patch against a well
> known base kernel (for the recent FreeVPS versions)
look into CVS repository or
Last freevps26 patches is against RH 2.6.9-22.0.1 kernel.

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