Re: [Vserver] Re: OT: something like VServer, but for Windows platform?

From: Matt Nuzum <>
Date: Wed 07 Dec 2005 - 22:36:40 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On 12/7/05, Gerhard Hofmann <> wrote:
> Xavier Montagutelli wrote:
> >
> > VMware or MS Virtual Server are not identical to Linux VServer, as they
> > virtualize a full machine and not only an execution environment for the
> > applications. But perhaps it is a solution for Gerhard ?
> >
> Sorry, I should have been more precise in my original posting. I already
> have used VMware and wondered if there was a VServer-like (only
> execution environment, not full-blown hardware emulation) alternative on
> Windows.
> Regards
> Gerhard

Colinux, allows you to run linux guest
operating systems right in windows. It's basically a kernel patch to
the Linux kernel that allows it to run as a windows process.

It works really well if you don't need to be in a virtualized hardware
environment. Like VMware it allocates disk space and RAM so it's not
as lightweight as Linux Vserver but it's a lot more resource friendly
(IMHO) than VMWare.

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