[Vserver] vprocunhide check

From: Lars Braeuer <lbraeuer_at_mpex.net>
Date: Thu 08 Dec 2005 - 15:18:23 GMT
Message-ID: <43984EBF.80901@mpex.net>


Is this line in the vprocunhide init.d script supposed to check for the iattr feature?

$_VSERVER_INFO - FEATURE iattr || exit 0

I remember it wasn't present in older versions.

When calling vserver-info manually with these option it returns a 1 as return code. The script then
stops. When commenting this line out, everything works fine.

I'm using util-vserver-alpha 0.30.209.

Also: One has to hide all entries by using "setattr --hide --admin --~watch /proc/*" (for hiding all
entries within the vservers) before calling vprocunhide, right?


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