[Vserver] Memory accounting

From: Cornelius Thiele <Cornelius.Thiele_at_nordic-it.de>
Date: Wed 14 Dec 2005 - 13:19:12 GMT
Message-ID: <43A01BD0.1080002@nordic-it.de>

Hi there,
running kernel 2.6.14-vs2.0.1-rc3-gentoo-r2 and util-vserver-0.30.209-r1
I'm getting some strange readings from vserver-stat about the resident
set size and the virtual memory. This is on a 32-bit system so the page
size should be 4k.
/proc/virtual/1026/limit says
VM: 82858 96208 524288 0
RSS: 34866 57816 65536 0
which seems right.
/proc/meminfo in the vserver says:
MemTotal: 262144 kB
MemFree: 121020 kB
which seems right, too. 'top' in the vserver also tells the right value,
but i guess it gets that from meminfo anyway. (virt_mem is set)

but vserver-stat says:
1026 29 1.1G 387.7M 1h03m16 16m13s54 3d13h47 vs00026
which seems to be 3 times too high (and way over the limit, too).

With kind regards,
Cornelius Thiele
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