Re: [Vserver] Re: Bug#343277: util-vserver: wrong call to colorize in functions

From: micah <>
Date: Fri 23 Dec 2005 - 15:27:26 GMT
Message-ID: <>


The Anarcat wrote:
> On Wed Dec 14, 2005 at 06:36:21PM +0100, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
>>>As I said, it's trivial, benign, but should be fixed and I don't know
>>>where else to report this.

If you found this bug using the debian package, you should file it with
the Debian BTS. The reason is because the package maintainer may have
made changes to the upstream code and would know best if this is a local
debian issue, or actually an upstream issue. If the package maintainer
determines that this is not a Debian bug, then he/she files a bug in the
upstream tracker, tags the Debian bug as forwarded with a link to the
upstream submitted bug (which I have done above), and then keeps track
of the fix upstream.

>>I suggest you also file this upstream. See
>>or just simply send an email to describing

Actually, it typically should be the Debian maintainer who does this as
the maintainer knows how to do this properly, and should be actively
cultivating a relationship with upstream so that communication happens

Addtionally, filing this particular bug is not done by sending an email
to the vserver mailing list, as Enrico (who maintains the upstream
tools) may or may not follow the list. Even if he does, he should not be
unnecessarily burdened with needing to file a bug in the proper bug
tracker so that he can remember to fix it later.

The bug tracker for util-vserver is located here:

The proper way to go about this is to browse through the open issues
before submitting a duplicate bug.

> i was kind of expecting you to do this, but I can do it.. :) Let's just
> CC the list...

Just CC'ing the list is like tossing something out, you dont know if
someone will pick it up and unless you intend to track this issue and
follow-up to find out where the issue is at, it will just be left up to
chance. Filing a bug in the tracker will keep the issue around until it
is dealt with.

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