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From: Chuck <>
Date: Sun 01 Apr 2007 - 20:15:37 BST
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On Sunday 01 April 2007 12:33, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

dumb question..... i didnt see it in the changelog but then again i may not
know what i am looking at :)

1. will production vserver code soon have real unique to each guest?
this is something that is sorely needed to prevent hours of possibly insecure
workarounds with some software.

2. this looks like the production version of what we are currently running...
util-vserver 0.30.212-r2
kernel 2.6.19-vs2.2.0-rc2
I suspect an upgrade to production would not hurt us considering our kernel
version.. i guess my question is would it be a seamless upgrade for us to
production? i would probably bump the kernel to 2.6.20 at the same time.

> Greetings Community!
> after a longer rc stage, to get rid of all the
> minor issues, we proudly present the first release
> of the new stable 2.2 branch, which includes all
> the 'considered stable' features of the previous
> devel branch (2.1.x) which has been superceded by
> the 2.3.x devel branch ...
> (tools supposed to work fine on Mandriva 2007.x)
> thanks to all who helped in development and did
> test the release candidates ...
> enjoy,
> Herbert
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