Re: [Vserver] [Release] Stable 2.2.0 : where is the changelog?

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Wed 04 Apr 2007 - 20:08:29 BST
Message-ID: <>

Guillaume Pratte wrote:
> Daniel Hokka Zakrisson a écrit :
>> Guillaume Pratte wrote:
>>> Maybe it's an irrational fear, but it seems to me like an invitation
>>> to root kits... With this privacy option, how will we be able to
>>> precisely account the memory usage of each vserver?
>> vserver-stat in util-vserver 0.30.213 doesn't use xid 1 anymore (if
>> you have a recent enough kernel that has the accounting APIs).
> Can you tell me in which version of the patch the accounting APIs where
> introduced? (Is it in the just-released 2.2.0?)

I wrote:
>> The major changes are:
>> ...
>> - accounting APIs, making it easier to write monitoring programs

> Can you point me toward the documentation of these APIs?

include/linux/vserver/{limit,sched}_cmd.h is probably the best.

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
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