Re: [Vserver] STRG+C doesn't work after update to vs2.2.0-grsec2.1.10

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 17:09:11 BST
Message-ID: <>

Thorsten BŁker wrote:
> And it's me, again,
>> After noticing that binutils >= 2.17 are necessary to build a
>> kernel [1] and after getting the message "chbind: vc_set_ipv4root():
>> Invalid argument" out of my way [2], I finally built a new kernel,
>> which seems to work fine. Fine, beside one minor problem ;-)
>> Entering the Vserver's context via "vserver name enter" and executing
>> a command (e.g. "tail -f something"), it's not possible to stop the
>> process using strg+c, like I used to do up to some hours ago
>> (vs2.0.2.1-grsec2.1.9 /
>> Unfortunately I've got no idea, where to start troubleshooting -- do
>> you have any hint on the relevant kernel option? Please find some
>> sections of the kernel's config below. Until changing towards Etch in
>> a couple of weeks, Sarge's standard util-vserver is version 0.30.204-5.
> I tried util-vserver's backport 0.30.210-8 and obviously it works now.

And that's the only thing you changed? It's the exact same kernel, with
the same configuration?

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
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