Re: [Vserver] routing: 2 different virtual subnets on the same machine

From: harry <>
Date: Fri 13 Apr 2007 - 18:29:53 BST
Message-ID: <>

that's essentially my point :)

i have the host on my management network
all the virtual hosts are on different networks (with different routing
preferences). i don't want to add it manually for all servers, so i put
this in .default somewhere, so it starts routing for all ip addresses of
the vserver depending on the source, it calculates the network/gateway,
adds special routes for those networks

it works kinda neat, the only "disadvantage": it gives warnings when you
add a second host to the same network. why? the route for that network
is allready defined! so it doesn't really matter that you redifine it,
it will just warn you about that :) safe to ignore that ;) (i COULD do
that in the script, but then i wouldn't know if something went REALLY
wrong... wich never happened before on my systems, but you never know)

one other sollution is to make a "universal" routing script per server
instead of per network

anyway, it works seemless on all our servers, so i love it ;)

let me know if you make enhancments or so... that's why it's all open
source ;)

greetz, and have fun with them!

Chuck wrote:
> wow. fast glance so i am not positive, but these look like they will allow you
> to add a network/ip to the host routing tables via only a guest start without
> having to add the basic config into the host!! this means that if i decide
> to bring up having never had it on the host before, i dont
> have to add it to the host setups, the virtual server using that network will
> add it for me... way cool! :) thanks! never even thought of this
> possibility.

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