Re: [Vserver] behavior i have never seen before

From: Chuck <>
Date: Mon 30 Apr 2007 - 20:17:58 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Monday 30 April 2007 13:30, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

i just found what it was about 30 min ago. turns out the object module loaded
in nagios that shares data with the npc plugin in cacti is a bit fussy and if
something goes slightly odd with it, it would lose its mysql connection, go
dormant and remove nagios from the process list yet nagios would run but not
interface with the module any more, nor would it have the pid assigned to it.

the real culprit was not enough memory allocated to the various mysql options,
especially innodb. :)

sorry for the 'noise' on here, its just i had never ever seen this happen
before. it is all fixed and working properly now and visible in ps. :)


> On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 07:46:46PM -0400, Chuck wrote:
> >
> > it just started today. has been behaving before this. i have a vserver
> > configured to run cacti and nagios. oddly nagios runs, but does not show
> > the process listing using ps ax. it once did. when i go to stop it with
> > init scrip it says it cannot find the pid but if i run the init with stop
> > once more it stops it and it truly does.
> >
> > it appears to be hiding somehow and it appears to function normally.
> >
> > any clues? i don't know if this is an o/s problem that just developed or a
> > vserver situation or a nagios configuration that i may have messed up
> > accidently or what.. stopping and starting the vserver does not make it
> > appear in the process listing although it is running.
> >
> > im running gentoo on the host amd64
> >
> > 2.6.19-vs2.2.0-rc2
> let's try the final version (vs2.2.0) with a recent
> kernel first, and see if the issue remains
> > util-vserver-0.30.212-r2
> won't hurt to try one of the 0.30.213 release candidates
> too, just to make sure ...
> TIA,
> Herbert
> > and a gentoo amd64 guest.
> >
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> >
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