Re: [vserver] official kernel inclusion

From: Adam Majer <>
Date: Wed 09 Jan 2008 - 18:20:42 GMT
Message-ID: <>

>>> What steps are required for it to be included?
>> political hick-hack and a lot of convincing/knowing
>> the core kernel developers ...
> it might be worth the effort, though. OOT development is the main
> obstacle for vserver acceptance here (compared to OpenVZ). It would
> be a pity if vserver did go the reiserfs way.

I think the correct way to proceed would be to isolate small changes
that could be added to the kernel that would not be seen as too
intrusive and definitely not in one go. The process could take months
and months, but eventually the vserver patch would be reduced to,
hopefully, zero.

My understanding is the changes vserver introduces are,

  * process isolation
     + process space
     + memory
  * file system isolation
  * privilege reduction in guest
  * network isolation

I would propose that we try getting each one of these, in turn, into the
kernel. The first would have to be the process space isolation.

But before even doing that, we need something better than one giant
patch. Is there a vserver repository where people can work and commit
stuff? For example, arch/git/svn/hg/whatever ?

- Adam

BTW: I'm not a vserver developer or even a kernel developer, but I'll
learn something in my hacking :)
Received on Wed Jan 9 18:20:42 2008

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