Re: [vserver] Mounting NFS(v4) with vserver guest's own IP address

From: Mark Hunting <>
Date: Wed 23 Jan 2008 - 08:14:53 GMT
Message-ID: <>

>> Thanks for your answer Martin. In fact I already use fstab.remote, but
>> how do I use it to create the NFS mount from the Vserver guest's IP
>> address? It now just uses the Vserver host's primary IP address.
> Ahh ok.. it was just a thought.
> What happens if you follow the other example listed there, i.e. grant
> capabilites and mount within the vserver. That should give you the
> correct client IP address I would think, it appears to be doing that
> for me.
Yes, that's a wonderful suggestion, you should think that should work.
But unfortunately it does not. I tried it a few days ago. With tcpdump I
see some traffic coming from the guest's IP address when I create the
mount, but immediately it 'skips over' to the host's address. On the NFS
server it takes the export of the host's address unfortunately, just
like the other examples.

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