Re: [vserver] "free" command inside vserver

From: Christian Affolter <>
Date: Fri 25 Jan 2008 - 18:15:12 GMT
Message-ID: <>


>> Does anyone know why the free command inside the vserver does not report
>> the
>> actual size of the vserver? It reports the size of the machine's physical
>> ram, not the limits of the vserver.
> Set the VIRT_MEM flag,
> which will show rss.hard - rss.soft as RAM, and the remainder as swap.
> (Assuming Linux-VServer 2.1+)
Does it actually start to use (real host) swap space as soon as the
rss.soft limit has been reached, or does it only display as
(virtualized) swap (and the host will not swap until the whole RAM is used)?

Many thanks for clarifying this!

Have a great weekend
Received on Fri Jan 25 18:15:29 2008

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