Re: [vserver] Guests using X with X Server on Host

From: Thomas Weber <>
Date: Thu 31 Jan 2008 - 12:37:01 GMT
Message-Id: <1201783022.5205.23.camel@utumno>

Am Donnerstag, den 31.01.2008, 11:21 +0100 schrieb Oliver Welter:
> Hi Mio,
> ok bit than I need a way to pipe the output from xvfb to the hosts X
> there a way to do ?

Is it possible that you're mixing up Server and Client regarding X11?
The Server is the 'thing' (usually Keyboard, Mouse, Display) that
displays 'stuff' the Clients (programs that want output/input to/from
the Server) request.
So your GUI to the app would be the Client. Just give it something like
Xvfb as Server (maybe via the DISPLAY environment Variable) and it will
draw it's interface on the Xvfb Server (which is kind of a display in
RAM). Now, on the same Xvfb Server setup a vncserver to which your
client can connect to. No need to deal with the hosts hardware.

(of course, with a good connection, X11 Tunneling via ssh or remote just
simple X11 via the network might do the trick as well without the
Xvfb/vncserver setup)... Another option might be products like
nomachines nx or similar which i also got working within a vserver.


> Oliver
> Mio Nilsson wrote:
> > Oliver Welter wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I want to use vserver to run a set of application-servers as guests.
> >> Unfortunately the app is controlled via a GUI, so I need a X Server
> >> inside the guests from time to time to look at the apps...
> >>
> >> The box is remote and currently hosts only one app, the customer uses
> >> vnc to connect to the box, which he wants to keep for commodity reasons.
> >>
> >> Is there a nicer way than running one X server inside every guest?
> >>
> >> TIA
> >>
> >> Oliver
> >>
> > Well, there's always Xvfb - which is a virtual framebuffer that works
> > like an X-server. You can find information about it here:
> >
> >
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