[vserver] Need advice on which path to take for IPv6 support

From: Paul Kyzivat <pkyzivat_at_cisco.com>
Date: Thu 07 Jan 2010 - 18:04:39 GMT
Message-ID: <4B462237.4060707@cisco.com>

Hello - this is my first time posting here.

The project I am working on is currently using:
- kernel
- patch-

That is working for us, but now we want to have support for IPv6 in the
guests. I am trying to decide the most practical way to get there.

At the moment, the most straightforward path seems to be:
- kernel
- patch-

We are seriously considering that. But some of our people are concerned
that we might have migration issues to deal with, or at least extra
testing if we go that way, and are desirous of a more minimalist change.

(We had previously been using patch- When we
migrated to patch- some of our guests
encountered incompatibilities that we didn't discover until after the
fact. That is making people gun shy. There is also some concern over
switching from a "stable" release to a "development" release.)

So I've also been investigating the possibility of adding the IPv6
capabilities to the vserver version we have. I see that was done for
some vserver versions via additional patches from:
But there isn't such a patch for our kernel/vserver combination.

I also note some discussion on your mailing list here that you are
getting ready to release a new *stable* vs release. Depending on when
that is to be available, maybe we should be considering that one too.

I have some questions whose answers should help decide among the

- Is there a way to determine what user impacting changes there
   are between the version we are on and some newer version, say
   (I have looked at the change logs, but I can't easily extrapolate
   how those changes would affect existing user code.)

- Would it make *any* sense to try porting one of the IPv6 patches
   to vs2.2.0.5???

- When do you expect to release the next stable version?

- What kernels with that next stable version support?

- How will this stable version differ from vs2.3.0.34?

        Paul (Kyzivat)
Received on Mon Jan 11 15:32:03 2010

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