Re: [vserver] Single application per VServer ?

From: Shinkan <>
Date: Wed 20 Jan 2010 - 14:38:10 GMT
Message-ID: <>

2010/1/20 Edward Capriolo <>

> Just for reference, the base RHEL/CENT vserver install is about 50MB.
> So while vcontext is a sllim down option a vserver install is not very
> heavy to being with.

I would not be worried by a full blown VServer setup.
The problem is that it seems heavy for what I need : just isolating apps.

Let's say I want this :
1) One VS with Xorg in it. I would like hypothetical others to connect to it
to display desktops.
2) One VS with just a binary and its requirements
3) One VS with another binary and its requirements
4) One VS with clamav on it.

That's for security concerns : isolating some services so that my host won't
be affected if they're compromised.

VS 2) 3) and 4) talks through (mount -o bind,{ro|rw} mounted) folders, in a
"chaining" process :

VS2 [APP1] ---> (put) [FOLDER 1] (get) ---> VS4 [CLAMAV] ---> (put) [FOLDER
2] (get) ---> VS3 [APP2]

I absolutely don't know how to just set up X on a VServer, for instance.
If I go the "classical" way, I would use VServer packet manager wrappers to
install Xorg on my target VServer, but it would deploy tons of dependencies,
and I would need to configure many things.

What I noticed is that vcontext --create --xid 999 -- /etc/init.d/xdm start
successfuly loaded my host Xorg.
That would be the kind of magic I'm looking for, except that I don't know
what it's actually doing.

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