Re: [vserver] VServer + Xorg + Xfce4 = ~almost~ working !

From: Shinkan <>
Date: Thu 28 Jan 2010 - 14:26:51 GMT
Message-ID: <>

2010/1/28 Richard Lamboj <>

> Sorry i have forgotten the important part. Is it a USB Mouse and Keyboard?
> Take a look at hal, udev and if the xserver needs it(i don't know your
> xorg.conf).
> Kind Regards

It's USB mouse and laptop-integrated keyboard.
Regarding hald, it turns out that I can't start it on my VServer (emerge
xorg-server brought hal, /etc/init.d/hald start or restart never ends).
Maybre there's a way to "bypass" it or to make it work on the VServer ?

Thanks for your time trying to investigate.

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