Re: [vserver] VServer + Xorg + Xfce4 = ~almost~ working !

From: Shinkan <>
Date: Thu 28 Jan 2010 - 15:08:24 GMT
Message-ID: <>

2010/1/28 Richard Lamboj <>

> I think that hal would not work in a VServer(not with some work?).

That's the case :)

> So you need
> to configure the Input Device in the xorg.conf. Maybe you should try to
> copy
> the usb device files in /dev from Host to Guest?

What are their name scheme ? I can't find any "/dev/usb" like ?

> Start hal with this command: "hald --daemon=no --verbose=yes".

What I get is :

15:02:01.898 [I] hald.c:680: hal 0.5.13
15:02:01.898 [I] hald.c:681: using child timeout 250s
15:02:01.898 [I] hald.c:746: Will not daemonize
15:02:01.898 [I] hald_dbus.c:5421: local server is listening at
15:02:01.911 [E] ck-tracker.c:371: Error doing GetSeats on ConsoleKit:
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name
org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit was not provided by any .service files
15:02:01.911 [E] ck-tracker.c:812: Could not get seats and sessions
15:02:01.911 [W] hald_dbus.c:5846: Could not initialize seats and sessions
from ConsoleKit
Runner started - allowed paths are
15:02:01.944 [I] hald_runner.c:301: Runner has pid 4262
15:02:01.944 [I] hald_runner.c:182: runner connection is 0x17d70cd8
15:02:01.948 [W] osspec.c:387: Unable to open /proc/mdstat: No such file or
15:02:01.958 [I] mmap_cache.c:278: cache mtime is 1264674527
15:02:01.961 [I] mmap_cache.c:83: preprobe: offset=00000014, size=4884
15:02:01.961 [I] mmap_cache.c:85: information: offset=00001328, size=218052
15:02:01.961 [I] mmap_cache.c:87: policy: offset=000366ec, size=36268
15:02:01.961 [W] osspec.c:646: Contents of /sys/power/state invalid
15:02:01.964 [I] osspec.c:780: getting DMI from prober
15:02:02.018 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.firmware.vendor
[4263]: 15:02:02.018 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
system.firmware.vendor='innotek GmbH'
15:02:02.018 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.firmware.version
[4263]: 15:02:02.018 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
15:02:02.018 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.firmware.release_date
[4263]: 15:02:02.018 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
15:02:02.018 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.hardware.vendor
[4263]: 15:02:02.018 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
system.hardware.vendor='innotek GmbH'
15:02:02.018 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.hardware.product
[4263]: 15:02:02.018 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
15:02:02.021 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.hardware.version
[4263]: 15:02:02.021 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
15:02:02.021 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.hardware.serial
[4263]: 15:02:02.021 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
15:02:02.021 [D] hald_dbus.c:1652:
udi=/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer, key=system.hardware.uuid
[4263]: 15:02:02.021 [D] probe-smbios.c:80: Setting
15:02:02.021 [I] osspec.c:482: Check if the machine is may a laptop ...
15:02:02.021 [I] osspec.c:492: Synthesizing sysfs events...
15:02:02.031 [I] coldplug.c:185: dev_root is /dev
15:02:02.044 [I] osspec.c:495: Synthesizing powermgmt events...
15:02:02.044 [I] osspec.c:503: No powermgmt capabilities
15:02:02.044 [I] osspec.c:505: Done synthesizing events
15:02:02.044 [I] util.c:1001: Add callouts for
Cannot open /media/.hal-mtab
15:02:02.071 [I] osspec.c:460: Add callouts completed
15:02:02.074 [I] hald.c:108: Added device to GDL;
15:02:02.088 [I] hald_runner.c:659: running_processes 0x17d7b790, num = 1
15:02:02.088 [I] hald.c:120: Started addon hald-addon-cpufreq for udi
[4268]: 15:02:02.094 [W] addon-cpufreq.c:1284: CPUFreq not supported.
15:02:02.098 [I] hald_runner.c:110: runner_server_message_handler:
destination=(null) obj_path=/org/freedesktop/HalRunner
interface=org.freedesktop.HalRunner method=StartedProcessExited
15:02:02.098 [I] hald_runner.c:125: Previously started process with pid 4268
15:02:02.098 [I] hald.c:84: in addon_terminated for

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