[vserver] debian jessie error on vserver shutdown

From: Daniel Urist <durist_at_ucar.edu>
Date: Mon 09 Nov 2015 - 17:49:15 GMT
Message-ID: <CAEo6=KbgX++_-HMu-LHGC2mUXaWqF_Q5qF1Z9WDdF0kFykaCGA@mail.gmail.com>

I am in the process of upgrading from debian wheezy to jessie for both
hosts and guests. All hosts and guests are running sysv-rc (no systemd!).
I'm getting the following error on shutdown with jessie guests running on
jessie hosts:

 /usr/share/util-vserver/vserver.stop: line 100: 3511 Killed
   "${IONICE_CMD[@]}" "${NICE_CMD[@]}" "${NETNS_CMD[@]}" "${CHBIND_CMD[@]}"
"$_VSPACE" --enter "$S_CONTEXT" "${OPTS_VSPACE[@]}"
"${OPTS_VSPACE_SHARED[@]}" -- "$_VTAG" --migrate "${OPTS_VTAG_ENTER[@]}"
--silent -- $_VCONTEXT $SILENT_OPT --migrate $OPT_VCONTEXT_CHROOT --xid

This doesn't happen with wheezy guests running on jessie hosts, or with
jessie guests on wheezy hosts. If I switch from init style sysv to plain, I
don't see any errors, but I'm assuming that just suppresses the message
since the vserver shuts down almost instantaneously; I'm concerned that
it's not going down cleanly.

The kernel version for jessie is 3.18.21-vs2.3.7.4-beng (from repo.psand.net),
util-vserver is 0.30.216-pre3120-jessie0.1-1.

Any hints on how to fix or at least debug this?
Received on Mon Nov 9 17:55:06 2015

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