Re: [vserver] Debian VServer Kernel for HP Proliant DL380 Gen9 server?

From: Harald Weidner <>
Date: Fri 20 Nov 2015 - 12:05:23 GMT
Message-ID: <>


> > The kernel recognizes the hard disk, but stops shortly
> > after that with the message "Waiting for /dev to become fully
> > populated". See
> >
> (Are sure of your screenschot ? I don't see this error on this one...)

This was indeed the wrong screenshot, sorry! Here is one taken with the
current linux-image-3.18.21-vs2.3.7.4-beng on a HP Proliant DL380 Gen9.

> Did you try a diff of the kernel's config files (Debian stock one vs.
> Beng) ? To see if something other differs ?

Yes, but the Debian config-3.16.0-4-amd64 and config-3.18.21-vs2.3.7.4-beng
differ by more than 800 lines. I did not get a clue what is relevant so far.

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