Aw: Re: [vserver] Issue with Debian 9 guest system

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Date: Mon 11 Mar 2019 - 15:57:27 GMT
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Hi Ben,

OK, thx for answering to my request and your help. I was not so aware to the first aspect, that the workaround only deals with systemd-issues on _host_ systems. Also the second aspect, that systemd has to be avoided in _guest_ systems generally. Indeed on I saw your given hint with these additions to the build string in the Jessie section too, but my attempt of building a Jessie _guest_ was susccessful without them. So, I tried in a Stretch _guest_ system too. I think, I now got "the key". :-)
The really one thing, I didn't try, was: Using util-vserver-systemd from repo psand and building _guest_ systems consequently WITHOUT systemd using your referred build string additions. Perhaps language is here a barrier for me, understanding the Debian doc-page from correctly. After reading your answer, suddenly the doc page is much more clear for me. Sorry for that.

I'll try the build string addition!

Regards from Berlin/Germany,

> Quoting
> > which, if I understood right, should 'help with' (work around) the
> > known systemd-issues with Debian 8/9
> It works around issue running systemd on _host_ systems. It does
> nothing for running systemd on _guest_ systems. For installing Stretch
> guests you must specify not installing systemd. Adding these to build
> string should work:
> --include=sysvinit-core,lsb-release --exclude=systemd
> If that doesn't fix building and running guests for you, something
> else is wrong.
> Cheers,
> Ben
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