LIR's and Local ISP's around Nottingham

Updated: 2003 October 18th,

It was originally a list of those small Internet Service Providers who were operating off of the end of Diamond Cable leased lines (aka DCCL, now NTL) around Nottingham. The list then started including other people (outside of Nottingham) also buying service off DCCL. Finally I added in addition companies and small ISPs using other Upstreams, or themselves being LIR's--such as Innotts.

Although I'm interested in additions to all the areas (I only live in Nottingham), I am particularly interested in corrections or updates related to the actual Nottingham ISPs. (eg. If anyone can tell me what ``Protocol Systems'' actually do!).

Disclaimer: I don't think the information here is based on ``inside-knowledge'' of any of the ISPs below that I may have worked for, or had contact with. If you believe differently, please contact me.

Nottingham Local ISPs

Bignet, Beeston, Nottingham PA DCCL, NTL 128Kb

Beeston, Started in 1997 and run by Dave Foster (DF1227-RIPE). The shop, just opposite Webfusion/Hosteurope was closed in 2003Q3 and stuff moved to a Windows machine hosted at Webfusion.

Cheapnet / POBOX, Nottingham Netkonect PA, DCCL PA, Netkonect PA, Colt PA [all no-longer in use nor routed]

Andrew Bonar [Nottingham] (AB8005-RIPE) and Mick Vaites [London] (MV45-RIPE)

CompuWeb [CWCS] / SupremeServers, Beeston, Nottingham PA Pipex, AS15510; Pipex/UUNET

Better know as SupremeServers, (néé ComputerLand UK); Also to be found in Beeston; think they are single homed with Pipex now, although they used to take routes from DCCL too.

I've seen three different addresses for them, one in Peterborough, the `Data-centre' in Beeston and one off Lenton Boulevard. It's run by Karl Mendez (KM2537-RIPE).

Easinet, Long Eaton PA Pipex; 2Mb Pipex

Same people as; and next to MD Components in Long Eaton. Kushal & Raj Joshi (RJ3601-RIPE). Far too much NT there.

EMNET (East Midlands NETwork), Nottingham LIR (Mistral),, PA Mistral; (10Mb Mistral), PA ADSL,, PA DCCL; 2Mb DCCL PA Whisper

Average ISP with a 2Mb line and lots of consultancy. Or they were...

Updates: Sometime in 2003 they dropped the DCCL/NTL 2Mb and 0845 Dialup; moved their kit down to London (Global Switch), went LIR (routed by Mistral) and switched to a DSL line in the Nottingham Office.

In July 2004 they Emnet got a 10Mb circuit (also from Mistral) to the Nottingham office. They also have a 34Mb BT central-pipe in London for ADSL.

GhoulNet néé E-Zee, Retford, Nottingham

Retford: C&W PA, Millbank colo Band-X PA.

Retford; I think they shifted most of the stuff down to a rack in London. Update: they've now been taken over by Netscalibur/FDD.

PIPEX Communications Hosting (néé Hosteurope (néé Webfusion)), Beeston, Nottingham LIR, AS12616;
34Mb MCI, 45Mb NTL, 45Mb COLT, (25Mb→AS20738)

Right in the middle of Beeston, and about as anonymous as you can get--they have a large building, blacked-out windows, and a simple 6"x4" plaque declaring their identity. Look around the back and you know you've got the right place as they have a very large Air-Con farm.

Notabley also, in that up until June 2002, they were NTL Midlands' (DCCL's) only paying BGP customer. It was setup by the brothers Jonathan and Tim Brealey and is one of the more profitable Internet Companies to have survived. Tim seems to have added Beresford to the front of his surname so as to match his car reg plate:  T1M BB . ;-)

As of 2003-Oct-18 a little Bird whispered that the aggregate bandwidth is 124Mb into Beeston (shown above).

In May 2004 was bought by Pipex and the Hosteurope brand is going to be replaced with Pipex Communications Hosting. I think 123-reg, Dedicated Server, Magic Moments and the like are being kept.

Mistral (néé InterAlpha (néé Innotts)), Nottingham LIR, LIR, AS5412/AS-INTERALPHA

Cindy Copsey and Chris Cain; The contact addresses still lists their house just around the corner from Nick's house, so they may still be responsibly local. I first remember them running a Cyber-Café in the Lace Market for Charity (1995?), so I guess they're still good people.

Innotts (Nottingham) were brought by Interalpha (Southampton) which has now been brought by Mistral (Brighton).

Internet Advertising Company (IAC),, PA DCCL; 2Mb DCCL

Chris Jukes' "Internet Advertising Company"; over the otherside of Nottingham from Beeston, they do groovy things for VISPs, and Resellers and [used to] stack bare motherboards on shelves covered with anti-static-form.

NTL Midlands (néé DCCL), Nottingham LIR, LIR, [now] AS5089

AS12323 [unused since July 2002]

Deserving for a mention, if not only for providing almost everyone else's bandwidth; and provide everyone else's 0845 termination and if they don't do either of those--they probably provide the ISDN PRI or (in times past) modem lines!

It was setup with 8Mb? lines to London and Manchester with default routeing down to London and heavily-prefixed failover coming via Teleglobe from Manchester if the primary link went down. When it was upped to a 34Mb E3 Webfusion were using about half of it, solid, at peak times.

It's a pity that the range, breadth and quality of what they are now able to offer seems to have gone down since Mr NTL Group took things over and tried to centralize everything. Diamond Cable is dead. Long live Diamond Cable!

AS12323 finally demised around 2002-Jul-01, it's all in NTL's AS5089 now.

Prima, DCCL PA

Rob & Rob, from Radford, beyond that I really don't know very much; to the best of my knowledge they're the same 2Mb and dial setup as everyone else.

Actually "Ferryastro Limited"?


Richard Darge (RD69-RIPE), although other people have told me there was a guy called `clive' involved at the start(?). Lots of dialups and a business flogging `valuable' domain names.

OpenNet (Matt Lodder), Nottingham, DCCL PA (routed via the Polestar /30).

They have and aswell as having their blocks routed to the same place as Polestar, I've also seen the same people at that mysterious North Sherwood Street address (see next).

Matt Lodder ML5816-RIPE

Protocol Systems / OpenWeb / Open-Systems International, North Sherwood Street, Nottingham Wisper/Insnet/C&W PA, NTL PA, LIR (DCCL)

Carl Shipley, Paul Maloney, Karl Gretton

At last count, 62 of their 8192 ip addresses were in use in the first three /24s. These people are invisible and really wish I knew what they were up to.

Polestar, Lace Market, Nottingham DCCL PA

Julian Smith (MH25314-RIPE).

Derby Local ISPs

Griffin, Derby GBLX PA, LIR, (AS20500/AS-GRIFFIN)

Adrian Sunderland (AS1366) They figured out how to do ADSL and that's been the recent cash-cow since.

Leicester Local ISPs

LAN Systems néé Internet UK, Leicester PA DCCL PI, ``Internet UK'' [neither are routed or in-use]

Phil Taylor gets everywhere and seems to have setup everyone else in the Leicester area at some point.

StayFree néé Foobar, Leicester, DCCL PA; 2Mb DCCL

Just outside the railway station in Leicester, used to be a bit of a cybercafé and has provided band-rehearsal rooms for last ten years to local bands ``who are going to make it''.

WebLeicester, Leicester LIR, AS12370 [unused]

Taken over by Jippii from Finland (``European Default-free carrier''). Now under AS8543/AS-JIPPIIUK.

Nick Meek

Sheffield Local ISPs

Avensys / Gemsoft, Sheffield LIR, AS8553/AS-AVENSYS

Mark Johnson (MJ443-RIPE). LIR

Force9 / PlusNet, Sheffield,, LIR, AS6871/AS-PLUSNETUK

Big; loads of Dial and now ADSL.

Mirai, Sheffield GBLX PA

Paul Sweeny (PS1006-RIPE)

Lincoln Local ISPs

Centri / Data-Link, Lincoln BT PA

Otago, Lincoln DCCL PA

``Interesting'' Academic Networks in Nottingham

British Geological Servey IANA Class C (JANET), JANET PA

The BGS's main headquaters just outside Keyworth; the original Class C assignment is from 1992 is in NERC's name and they are now connected through EMMAN.

EMBC (East Midlands Broadband Consortium), TORCH PA; 622Mb Torch

(, RFC1918 are used internally).

The recent WAN/VPN interconnecting schools and colleges with the East Midlands Local Education Authorities, all links end up at the Sandfield Centre on Derby Road with a nice fat pipe and a GigE peer across to Janet at The University of Nottingham.

IIRC there are about 1500 schools linked up with the base of at-least an E1 2Mb line everywhere.

EMMAN (East Midlands Metropolitan Area Network), JANET PA 155Mb/622Mb links, 2.4Gb JANET transit

``NOTNET''. The regional MAN connecting the East Midlands Universities and uplinking to JANET through the nottingham BAR at the University of Nottingham

Nottingham-Trent University IANA Class B (JANET)

The Polytechnic ``university''. Does one need to say anymore? ;-)

University of Nottingham IANA Class B (JANET), NTL PA

AS3184 [unused]

The Class B was registered on May 1987! Aswell as being the BAR location for the East Midlands MAN and having 2.4Gb down to JANET main ring, they have an 8Mb link to NTL for the Student Network Services (SNS) and host a Netsight node.

Arnold and Carlton, Nottingham JANET PA

Yet another semi-FE college that has managed to get a sponsored connection.

Broxtowe College, Beeston, Nottingham,,, JANET PA

Ha! Alan Marshall went for a job here and got told to take the rest of his probationary-period as holiday after only 6-weeks; to never come back! People here are clearly more on the ball than at Bluecoat...

New College Nottingham JANET PA

Q: What do New College specialise in?

A: Takeovers.

South Nottingham College, West Bridgeford JANET PA

Nottingham Health Authority,,,,,, NHS PA [non-routed Class B space]

They have tonnes of non-routed /24s out of the even-bigger-tonnes of huge [non-routed] classical NHS assignments.

Other people of Interest

Basically anyone with >=/24 in Nottingham

CapitalOne Europe, Nottingham LIR, AS20695

This is their European head office taking transit off NTL (AS5089) and BT (AS2856) in Nottingham.

Empics, Nottingham PI, AS29202 Innotts PA [not in use], DCCL PA [not in use], AS15865 [not in use]

Photo agency, formerly multi-homed with Innotts and DCCL. The ``heavy stuff'' in now on a colo machine in Interalpha's rack in Telehouse-North TFM1 (

Free Radical Design, Sandiacre, Nottingham Demon PA

(They make Arcade Games)

Flexeprint, Nottingham PI (Easynet, NTL), AS31048,, NTL PA, Easynet PA

Flexeprint do interesting things involving browsers, PDF and the Print industry.

Tom Bird's PI, Beeston, Nottingham PI (Mailbox)

Tom Bird's (BIRD-RIPE) ``Hambule Net'' PI Block; currently routed down his ADSL line. (The ADSL line has now moved to Sheffield!)

W&J Linney ``Linneys'', Mansfield DCCL PA

Large printing firm.

Melton Medes, Nottingham DCCL PA

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