No War

Finally decided I need to write some of this stuff down...


Shortcuts to external stuff:

GB National Rail; Virgin Fares;
Germany Railways (DB) in English; Departures
Helsinki Area Planner; Trains; Train Times

MultiMap; address or postcode:
RIPE fulltext…; Anything
Show Context RIPE whois; IP, or ASN: (help…)
LINX Looking Glass…; IP
Transit UK Routes NASK Looking Glass…; AS Regex (_12323_)
Prefixes Paths Ebay; item to search for:
Fulltext UK only BT Directory Enquiries (EDQ); surname + postcode:
Res Business

Use the Firebird SQL Browser because it got there first and deserves the name.

All this—and I can cook too:

Paul Sladen: Sizzling (19kB)

And this stuff just proves incredibley useful, or did at one time:

Superlative MRTG Graphs:

Thought I'd save people the effort for next time (the questions should be pretty obvious). This list could perhaps be better entitled ``I don't have a CV ...would you like to see my manifesto?''

I like Finland:

     "I packed my bags
      But I can't seem to go
      Just keep on gazing
      At the trees and snow."

I haven't worked for these guys yet, but I heard they actually lose money if you buy through this link to 123-Reg.

. By Paul Howard Sladen / Павел Хо́вард Слейден / Παύλος Χάουαρντ Σλαδεν / パウルハワードスレイデ / 保罗·霍华德·斯萊登 / بولس هوارد ال-سلادين