Howto pronouce Linux? [sic]

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"Linux" is an computer operating system kernel commonly used in GNU/Linux operating system such as Debian and RedHat.

Correct Prenouciation [sic] :)

So, before we go any further, you better learn how to pronouce Linux, so here's the gaffer and chief kernel hacker, Linus Torvalds showing us—in his very own words (with Swedish/Finnish accent)—how to say Linux: torvalds-says-linux.wav (81kB).

"Hello, this is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce Linux as Linux!"

Also in Sun AU format (40kB) / MP3 format (82kB) / OGG format (86kB).

This was recorded by Linus himself and should therefore be considered the canonical pronunciation to learn from. It can be said to be spoken right and correctly.


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2002-Nov-11: Corrected from "Hello, my name is Linux Torvalds and I pronounce Linux. Linux!". Thanks to Herbert Pötzl.

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