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Copyright 2006--2007-01-21 Paul Sladen

You may use and distribute this code and documentation under any
DFSG-compatible license (eg. BSD, GNU GPLv2).

Stand-alone pure-Python DEFLATE (gzip) and bzip2 decoder/decompressor,


  $ ./ foo.bz2
  $ ls -l out

  $ ./ bar.gz
  $ ls -l out

For the moment, if the decoding is apparently successful, then output
is written (in one go) to a file called 'out', in the current directory
(yes, it'll overwrite whatever was there before...).

The source code maybe useful for learning about the DEFLATE and Bzip2
algorithms.  If you look through you'll see the huge number of 'print'
statements in the source code, feel free to uncomment some of them!

As a result of this learning experience, I've been able to update the
Wikipedia pages with useful technical descriptions:

Perhaps you could check and see if they could be improved!

	-Paul Sladen, 2007-01-22
Southampton, GB