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From: Dicken, Peer (Peer.Dicken_at_imd-gruppe.de)
Date: Wed 21 Nov 2001 - 11:18:32 GMT


Ive tried vserver and think its a good piece of software. Before Ive
played with freeVSD and user-mode-linux.

Well, I think it would be a perfect thing to have pre-defined skeletons for
users, like freeVSD does it.

Currently Im killing the parts of the virtual server the client does not
need. The result will be a minimal suse 7.3 installation, which allows me to
install the needed software on-top. I will take this one as the base for all

How many servers could be running on a standard-pc? ... assuming theres not
too much load on the servers ... Whats your experience?

Can I enable quotas to restrict the space of the vserver?

Well the problem: Ive created a vserver and wanted to delete it. Well, in
this case I could not. I created the server with vbuild from another one and
now I cannot delete /proc and /dev :-( from the directory of the old server.

Gruss / best regards,

Peer Dicken
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