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From: John Lyons (support_at_nsnoc.com)
Date: Thu 14 Feb 2002 - 14:22:44 GMT

I'm trying to put together a number of vservers to run apache, php and
mysql. Easy normally, but I'm making things hard for myself :-)

I could install these from source on each vs but that wastes disk and memory
as each apache would have it's own separate binary and future upgrades would
be a 'by hand' process on each vs. Also I don't think I can unify from a
source install as there's no rpm file list to be queried.

I could install from rpms but that would remove the flexibility to compile
apache and php with the goodies that we all like to add :-)

My guess was that I could get a src.rpm package, modify it to compile in the
features that I need, create a compiled rpm package that I can then install
on each vs using the vs tools which will then be capable of being unified.

Am I on the right lines here and would anyone care to point me in the
direction of a guide to a DIY src.rpm build. I've compiled packages from
source and installed rpm's but building an rpm is new ground for me and
googles not coming up with the goods :-(


John Lyons
ICQ 74187012

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