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From: Jon Bendtsen (jon+vserver_at_silicide.dk)
Date: Wed 10 Apr 2002 - 16:25:21 BST

raanders_at_acm.org wrote:
> 1. Can /mnt/cdrom be an ISO image?

I didnt make it, but i dont see any technical reasons why it can not
be a loopback mounted iso image.

> 2. Will this require a CD-ROM change like a typical install does. My
> server (like I have whined about before) is located 30+ miles away
> in a co-location I don't have access to without prior arrangements.

i would guess that depends on how much data are needed.

> 3. Is it time to think of a Vserver Distribution? Something that
> installs a very basic main server. I have been researching what is
> the very minimum RPM-wise (RHL 7.2) needed but haven't had a chance
> to test it. This would be to preclude any packages that are not
> needed to run the vservers and hopefully plug any security holes in
> the main server. (Does this make any sense?)

I dont think the efford is worth it. Because, the main, or root as i
call it,
server could have all kinds of needs. That properly isnt any services,
than ssh, perhaps some routing deaemons, and stuff like that. They would
ever still need alot of other packages and programs, like log checking
rootkit checking tools, backup tools, devellopment tools, at least for
a new kernel. Why not just use a part of those packages other
already have develloped ??


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