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From: raanders_at_acm.org
Date: Wed 10 Apr 2002 - 15:29:01 BST

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Jacques Gelinas wrote:

> 1.1. Install vserver from cdrom
> This is a start and contributions are welcome. I have written a script
> called /usr/lib/vserver/install-rh7.2. This script expects a single
> argument (for now), which is the name of the vserver to create. It
> will install a vserver based on Red Hat 7.2 CD (found in /mnt/cdrom)
> from scratch. It is not using the root server at all. It installs
> everything from the first CD. With unification, it creates a not-so-
> big vserver and contains pretty much anything an admin might want.

This is great. I still have to find the time to try this out but it does
bring three (at least) questions to mind.

   1. Can /mnt/cdrom be an ISO image?

   2. Will this require a CD-ROM change like a typical install does. My
       server (like I have whined about before) is located 30+ miles away
       in a co-location I don't have access to without prior arrangements.

   3. Is it time to think of a Vserver Distribution? Something that
       installs a very basic main server. I have been researching what is
       the very minimum RPM-wise (RHL 7.2) needed but haven't had a chance
       to test it. This would be to preclude any packages that are not
       needed to run the vservers and hopefully plug any security holes in
       the main server. (Does this make any sense?)


             Why is it so easy to throw caution to the wind.
            Shouldn't it be heavier and shaped like an anvil?

Jon Anderson

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