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From: John Lyons (support_at_nsnoc.com)
Date: Thu 09 May 2002 - 23:42:19 BST

> What OS are you running? Red Hat 7.2

RedHat 7.2

> ReiserFS or ext3?

Initially installed with ext3, patched kernel (our network cards aren't
installed with the pre compiled) got everything working fine for 2 months.
Upgraded kernel and patch to the next version in March and lost all Ext3
support in the kernel.

I'm off to the datacentre tomorrow to install network cards in the servers
so we'll have one for internet traffic and one for internal ssh and backups.
Hopefully I'll be upgrading to the latest kernel and patch version at the
same time.

> earlier in the mailing list archive that the unification and immutable
> features aren't supported on Reiser. One of my associates did
> some testing
> and felt that ext3 wasn't mature enough or had some problems relative to
> Reiser.

Beyond loosing support with a kernel upgrade ext3, has proved fine on all of
our non vserver machines. I do like the ability for a server to get a hard
reboot and not need a 70 mile drive to the data centre to fix the file

> I'd love to hear your experience. Incidentally, we are using the
> http://www.3Ware.com IDE hardware RAID controllers for RAID 10 support on
> our Linux boxes across 4 drives.

I've got other customers in our rack using one of these. Very impressive.
Quite tempted to use one on an nfs server for backups etc.


John Lyons
Netserve Consultants Ltd

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