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From: Mark Lawrence (nomad_at_null.net)
Date: Fri 02 Aug 2002 - 17:48:26 BST

Hello all,

I apologise for the noise if this has already been done, but I am not
subscribed and don't know the past history.

I have created a debian package of the vserver utilities version 0.18 and
included an implementation of "newvserver" based on debootstrap for a
debian system. If people would find either of these useful then I would be
pleased to mail them to someone, but unfortunately cannot host the package
myself. Perhaps the official web site would be a good place?

Just one note on the whole /etc/init.d/* thing: For simplicity my package
modifies /etc/init.d/rc to prepend "chbind" in front of all system scripts
so that you don't have the mess of swapping individual init scripts which
are possibly already customized. This probably doesn't work for you if you
run multiple IPs in your root server...

The changes I had to make to the sources were quite minor. The only place
that I think breaks the default installation (make install 'n friends) was
the Makefile. Would anyone consider it worth the effort (but more
importantly would they be rolled into the distribution) if I produced
patches that meant you could build both rpms and debs from the tar.gz?

Just a thought because I would rather not go through this effort again
when the next version is released :)


Mark Lawrence (nomad_at_null.net)		Mobile: +41 79 309 0633

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