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From: Ian Douglas (linux_at_wild98.com)
Date: Tue 06 Aug 2002 - 19:39:43 BST

Hey all.

After a few botched attempts at making a vserver and then trying to slim the
vserver down to the bare necessities (and then realizeing I hadn't done a
"vserver server1 enter" and jsut removed a few dozen RPM's I intended to
keep on the main server), then trying to make a minimal install on the main
server and a vserver copy from that then upgrading the main server (which
failed horribly, couldn't use the RedHat 'upgrade' installation to add
Xwindows for some reason; So I just did an "everything" install ... /sigh
3.5GB later ... good think hard drives are cheap, a handful of resellers
will fill up my 60GB disk pretty quickly.

I'm curious to know if any of you could offer some advice on this:

I run a virtual web hosting service, and I have some resellers, each of whom
I want to give a vserver. I'm having a hard time udnerstanding the services

On the main server, if I run 'setup' (RedHat 7.3), I see the typcial
services, httpd, named, sendmail, etc., and then v_httpd, v_sendmail. On the
MAIN server, should I UN-select the httpd/sendmail services and only run the
v_ services?

Will vdeliver from Linuxconf still work as intended, or should I need to
make a v_linuxconf script? What about POP3 mail (ipop3, make a v_ipop3

Thanks for the tip earlier with making a v_ftpd script, very helpful.

Any other helpful hints would be appreciated greatly.


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