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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Fri 16 Aug 2002 - 10:40:45 BST

vserver-list_at_azera.net wrote:

> so, in recap: precompiled binaries work (though i can't access my several
> hundred GB partitions) and compiled kernel/modules don't work.
> for reference this is a dual tyan board with 2G, 2x1600MP, 1 ide boot
> drive, dual onboard 3com, 1 3w raid set, and enough cooling capacity to
> hairlip the pope.
> thoughts?

The first thing you should do is figure out why a kernel you compile
with the exact same options as a precompiled one doesn't work. Do you
need to move to a stable version of gcc perhaps? (I see debian stable
uses 2.95.4).

Other than that, as long as the addition of a driver for a particular
piece of hardware doesn't adversely affect the people that don't have
that device, then I'd say it should be added. Especially if it's a
module and all it costs is another 300ms to recompile that kernel each
time and 10-20kB of disk space in the modules... even options that
have to be compiled in can be alright if they can successfully free up
the space that they take up after initialising and finding nothing to

Can you boot off that 3ware card?

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