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From: ragnar_at_this.is
Date: Fri 16 Aug 2002 - 15:06:22 BST


Sam Vilain:
> Other than that, as long as the addition of a driver
> for a particular piece of hardware doesn't adversely
> affect the people that don't have that device,
> then I'd say it should be added.

I agree

> > for reference this is a dual tyan board with 2G,

You are not looking at saving on kernel footprint :-)

I do think that someone should make a huge kernel
that does almost everything that would make sense
on a vserver.

I do sometimes make my own kernels but that is for
small dedicated systems. All my servers just run
stuff that comes packaged with Debian.

If no one else does it I will try it next week and
make it accessible.

It should not save on space but things that could
potentially make it less stable or slow it dow
would be left out. No audio or video stuff etc...

Basic boot stuff like RAID and filesystems would be
in it but most all else in modules. (and Yes I do have
a 3Ware card that I would like to use)

If I can bring my server up on such a kernel and
it is stable - there is a strong probability that
making an optimized version would have to wait
until the quiet days around xmas.

> Do you need to move to a stable version of gcc perhaps?
> (I see debian stable uses 2.95.4).

Sorry I do not understand, there was a problem in Debian
is it resolved?


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