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From: BrandonHoult (BrandonHoult_at_netscape.net)
Date: Mon 19 Aug 2002 - 23:42:06 BST

Apparently it is not running. Sometimes when I start the vserver it
goes through what looks like a small bootup script, and then other times
it just starts. I am still trying to figure out why it does this, but
for whatever reason it is not doing it now, and I think it probably
should be. Also at one point there was an entry in ifconfig for the
vserver but that also is not there any more. I probably ended up
breaking something while I was screwing around with this. Will try to
fix it tomorrow. How did you install the base package in debian? I
patched my kernel and recompiled then compiled the source package and
did "make install" was there anything else necessary?

Brandon Hoult

support wrote:

> This package is a potato debian install compress in a .tar.gz
> the name 0.16 is beacase it was release when 0.16 was the stable version
> you can use it when any vservsion of vserver
> about ssh : ssh is install by default in this package and run on port
> 22222
> do ps ax to see if sshd is running
> if not
> look /etc/ssh/sshd_config to change port and listend argument
> thx
> -Ok, downloaded the tgz and tried it. You seem to have 0.16 installed -
> -and I am using 0.19. I started the vserver but could not telnet or ssh
> -to it. Figured ssh and telnet probably were not in your package so I
> -entered it and updated the sources then tried to run apt-get update but
> -got all kinds of errors "Couldn't stat source package list". I think
> -the problem is likely on the main server and I don't see how using your
> -virtual server will fix this. At this point things may bee so screwed
> -up that I have to wipe the OS and start over. Will wait a few days to
> -see if new suggestions arrive though.
> -Brandon.

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