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From: Golden Planet Support (support_at_goldenplanet.dk)
Date: Thu 22 Aug 2002 - 08:39:28 BST

Hello Jacques

> > /usr/sbin/chroot: cannot execute /bin/rpm: No such file or directory
> vunify is using the rpm command found in the vserver, to help
> compatibility as much as possible (vserver may be running all kind of
> old rpm utilities).
> This sounds like /bin/rpm is not installed in the vserver. Where is it
> ?

It is in /vserver/vserver1/bin/rpm allright - I simply don't get it.
If I do a:

vserver vserver1 exec rpm -q apache

- it works fine. Same if I add "suexec root" - no problem, it just
executes. Weird.

> > New security context is 4
> > error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - Permission denied (13)
> > error: cannot open Packages database in
> > /vservers/vserver/var/lib/rpm
> The solution is to relax this directory permission while doing vrpm
> chmod 755 /vservers
> vrpm ...
> chmod 000 /vservers

OK - now it works.

> In the next kernel, I will change this no-man-land feature. Basically,
> this will become a one-way. root will be able to visit /vservers but
> won't be able to visit .. when .. is vservers. This will solve this
> issue, but solve another which is kind to my heart :-) : vservers
> inside vservers. This will offer a complete production/test/backup
> solution to co-administrators (give 5 ips and 5 security context to a
> vserver and now the vserver administrator may rework this vserver into
> 5 sub-vservers... still with 100% of the performance :-), still
> secure...

Yay! THAT would be pretty cool! :-) Now if someone would please buy
me that 8-way Xeon with 32 gigs of RAM and 4 TB of RAID5.... *GRIN*

Seriously, I think that it is pretty amazing what can be done with a
slightly modified Linux kernel, a collection of small utilities and
som pretty standard hardware - well done.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Anders C. Madsen

Golden Planet Tel.: +45 7020 9594 Dalbygade 40 Fax.: +45 7020 9592 DK-6000 Kolding http://www.goldenplanet.dk --

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