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From: Huibert Alblas (halblas_at_weos.de)
Date: Thu 22 Aug 2002 - 10:33:08 BST

Am Mit, 2002-08-21 um 14.42 schrieb Paul Sladen:
> On 21 Aug 2002, Huibert Alblas wrote:
> > Sofar a script I created copies a vserver to a new vserver_name with new
> > ipaddress, then the script edits the configfiles for the needed
> > services... ( with a little help from the 2 Brothers Sed 'n Awk )
> FreeVSD is a set of scripts which is more oriented to building filesystem
> skeletons and doing all the IP address/ hostname fixups. Some people run
> this ontop of a vservers setup:
> http://www.freevsd.org/

I've never heard of it, but I will check it out, thanks.

> Although, as you'll see, you probably don't need to do this in most cases
> (except for filing in `/etc/hosts' and the like).
> > What will happen if all servers were down (after rebooting the main
> > server ) and the first vserver is started? will it bind to for
> > all its services?
> Nope, binding to `' in a vserver will be automatically forced to the
> *first* IP address given to *that* vserver.
> The problem comes if you bind to `' in the *host* server without
> using a `v_apache' script. This would then snatch all the addresses on the
> server (including all vserver addresses), even if the vservers haven't been
> started yet.

Thanks, now everything is clear :-) ( wasn't this a Pepsi Commercial
slogan in the Eighties somwhere?)

> The best way is probably not to run much (and anything) in the host server
> except SSH and make sure you either use a `v_ssh' script, or manually set
> SSHd to bind to one IP address in the host server.
> -Paul
> --
> Nottingham, GB

Thabks again for the quick reply.


Düsseldorf, Germany

-- "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." -- Douglas Adams

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