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From: Guillaume Plessis (gui_at_moolfreet.com)
Date: Fri 23 Aug 2002 - 16:54:56 BST


I proceed this way :

I installed a minimal system, with just sshd, inetd and qmail as MTA.

I compiled my own kernel 2.4.19, that I patched with

I downloaded the rpm, transformed it into tgz by "alien -t vserver.deb"
(you can make a debian package by "alien-d" instead of "alien -t").

So, all the vserver-utilities worked fine.

I also chbind all my network services to the root-server ip... qmail,
ssh and inetd were wrapped by my own v_qmail, v_ssh and v_inetd, taken
from examples in the tgz.

Then I updated all the symlinks in /etc/rc0.d , /etc/rc1.d... to link
well on the new v_* wrappers. All work fine during the boot.

You just have tu create other symlinks in /etc/rc*.d, for vserver to
start at boot time.

Good Luck :)


Le vendredi 23 août 2002, à 05:21 , BrandonHoult a écrit :

> Oh heck... so how did you get vserver to work with debian? I messed
> with it for a week, and never could get it working. Did you compile
> from the source? Did you install xinetd, and did you have to change
> all the v_ stuff in /etc/init.d? I finally seem to have it working on
> redhat 7.3, but I am getting pretty irritated with redhat already. I
> guess I will have to install debian again and start over, but I wish I
> knew what I screwed up. If you could briefly describe the install
> process I would appreciate it.
> Brandon.
> Guillaume Plessis wrote:
>> Hi! (bonjour)
>> I've successfully installed the last release of vserver on several
>> debian woody. It works well without modifying the scripts. Good work :)
>> I compiled my kernel with lvm, ext3 and reiserfs (and so on...) and
>> when I have to install a new vserver, I create a new logical volume
>> with a reiserfs filesystem. Reiserfs and lvm allow me to limit the
>> disk usage and to resize the logical volume while I'm working on it.
>> But I've never tried to resize it when the attached vserver was up...
>> Is it possible to do such a thing whitout to crash the vserver? I
>> don't know how the kernel manage the dedicaced-to-vserver disk space
>> because of the pseudo fstab.
>> Thanks a lot
>> Guillaume

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