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From: vserver-list_at_azera.net
Date: Fri 18 Oct 2002 - 05:18:26 BST

a couple thoughts:

(1) i think the maintainer said something about putting himem and some
other tweaks into the smp kernels. maybe that works for you 'out of the
box'? not a recommendation, so much as a thought, since the .config files
are in the bundles.

(2) you need a pc-weasel.


if your hosting provider doesn't have a terminal concentrator you can use,
you might need 2 boxes per datacenter, then just attach each others serial
to each others pc weasel.

you'll never need to call your datacenter again.

and a question:

how do you limit a vserver's use to 20% of system resources as stated in
your terms in the "Other terms" section?



On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Cathy Sarisky wrote:

> Compiling a kernel on a dedicated (leased) server in a data center on
> the other end of the country is a recipe for at least frustration, if
> not disaster. Add in raid1 disks, grub (when make install wants
> lilo), and a few more complications, and things get ugly. I've spent
> far too much time in the last day or two compiling, installing, trying
> to reboot, and hanging the server. And each time this happens, I have
> to email the datacenter, ask for a reboot and someone to select the
> OTHER kernel.. repeat ad nauseum. Painful. I can't use the pre-built
> kernel (although it loads just fine on the server) because I need a
> highmem kernel. Due to the agony of repeated attempts and my
> inability to actually watch the boot process, I'm having a hard time
> trouble-shooting.
> I went looking for the .config file for 2.4.19, but the latest I see
> is for 2.4.18. Jacques, could you provide a .config file for 2.4.19,
> preferably the one used to build the pre-built kernel? Checking the
> HIGHMEM box and recompiling *might* be within my abilities at this
> point. At least I could establish that it's a problem with how I'm
> compiling/installing, and not with the config options I'm using...
> Failing that, I might offer eternal gratitude, DNS services(primary
> and/or secondary), or a small bit of $$ if someone would like to
> compile the dratted kernel for me with the highmem option and a few
> other tweaks. I'd rather do it myself, but I'm starting to run out of
> ideas, and patience of the guy in the data center might be starting to
> wear a little thin...
> Thanks! :)
> Cathy
> cathy_at_acornhosting.net
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