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From: Peter Kwan Chan (peterkwanchan_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Fri 03 Jan 2003 - 17:57:14 GMT

Hello Eje,
        It would be very helpful if you can share you list of minimal
install for RedHat 8.0.
        I know Paul has an FAQ/script on how to install debian at
http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/debian. And the release note for
ctx16 says the support for Mandrake is still broken (?).



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From: Eje Gustafsson [mailto:Macahan_at_fament.com]
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 11:10 AM
To: Roderick A. Anderson
Subject: Re[3]: [vserver] RedHat8.0 newvserver install ERROR! --

RAA> On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Eje Gustafsson wrote:

>> Ugh. Don't tell me someone posted to the list a RH 8 minimum. I did
>> numerous checks in the archives. I found a 7.x minimum so used that
>> one and then built myself a RH 8 minimum list..
>> Guess I could look in the archives again see if I can find it and
>> xref with my own list and see if we agree ;P
>> Could saved me about 5-6 hours yesterday with such a list tho..

RAA> I'm glad this came up. I have been building some vserver machines
and had
RAA> to do a little bit of hoop jumping because one package I feel is
RAA> important is missing from the minimal (RHL 7.3) install -
RAA> 'openssh-server'.

On the FAQ RH 7 howto I found in the archive the openssh-server was
included. But I also feel that it might not really been the minimum
because the first one on the list is audiofile-0.2.3 which I for the
life of myself can't understand what it might be required by.
Either way a few of the ones on the RedHat How-Tos I simply just
dropped out. But Also a few of them like the cyrus packages I had to
add because I think openssh-askpass needed them. As well ended up
having to install some basic X libs because wanted to have gd support
and libjpeg support which is needed by php if you want to use the
graphics functions.

If anyone is interested in my RH 8 minimum list and the sub packages
for mysql, postgresql, sendmail, apache/php let me know and I will fix
up a list of the packages I built up.

RAA> This brings up a couple of thoughts - one we can handle and one
RAA> may have an answer to.
RAA> 1. A custom Vserver option. Build your own list of stuff to
RAA> and then place it with the others in the /usr/lib/vserver
directory. A
RAA> the names hardwired into the newvserver/vbuild programs?

Just curious anyone done a howto or faq on how to install
Mandrake/debian or whatever else in a vserver with RH as root server ?

It would be pretty nifty to allow people the option what distro they
want to have on their vserver without having to have a bunch of
different root servers using different distros. I found info in the
archives how to do debian on debian but not really seen any which
offers how to do it across systems.

RAA> <soapbox>
RAA> 2. Why can't emacs be installed (via RPM) without all the
RAA> System stuff? I want console and console only but heck no.
Installing or
RAA> rather trying to install emacs in a RHL 7.3-minimum 'base' vserver
RAA> work. The emacs RPM wants X this and X that.
RAA> </soapbox>

So I noticed as well.. Also something that kind of enoyed me was that
I had to install a bunch of X stuff just to get a good openssh install
because openssh-askpass needs X. blah. I was seriously considering
getting openssh-askpass and recompile it myself without any x support
but decided against it since I want to be "compliant" and allow the
customer to be able to use up2date to update their vserver.

/ Eje

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