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From: Benoit St-André (ben_at_benoitst-andre.net)
Date: Fri 03 Jan 2003 - 19:13:06 GMT

Hi there

Like I said on my other mail, I've been able to install vservers on a Mandrake
9.0, but without doing the first vserver with newvserver command. I have to
use vserver build toto and then use newvserver command cloning toto .

I had the exact same problem on RH8 (see other post)... Even if the packages
are not the same, I don't understand where the trouble would come from (glibc
? gcc ?).

I'm also aware that we're still unable to make Mandrake vservers from CDs on
an other distro, cos Mandrake seems to make some preinstall stuff with the
rpms (heard that from Jacques G.)

Since we're using Mandrake a lot in education and vservers are a wonderful
solution, we're willing to test extensively the vserver patches on that
distro (even if we're not extremely hot on the technical side)


Benoit St-André
Conseiller pédagogique à la CS des Affluents
Connaissez-vous Linuxédu-Québec ? http://linuxeduquebec.org

Le 3 Janvier 2003 12:57, vous avez écrit : > Hello Eje, > It would be very helpful if you can share you list of minimal > install for RedHat 8.0. > I know Paul has an FAQ/script on how to install debian at > http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/debian. And the release note for > ctx16 says the support for Mandrake is still broken (?). > > Thanks, > > Peter

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