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From: Dinesh Mistry (dmistry_at_yourhostdirect.com)
Date: Fri 03 Jan 2003 - 20:28:46 GMT


I think the reason I started this thread was because I could not get
RedHat 8.0 install using the newvserver until I fixed the redhat min file.

Apprently the naming convention is diffrent that is what I was trying to
get at when I answered my own questions a few days ago.

Maybe this is the smae problem with Mandrake, the package names are
diffrent that actually listed..


Benoit St-André said:
> Hi there
> Like I said on my other mail, I've been able to install vservers on a
> Mandrake 9.0, but without doing the first vserver with newvserver
> command. I have to use vserver build toto and then use newvserver
> command cloning toto .
> I had the exact same problem on RH8 (see other post)... Even if the
> packages are not the same, I don't understand where the trouble would
> come from (glibc ? gcc ?).
> I'm also aware that we're still unable to make Mandrake vservers from
> CDs on an other distro, cos Mandrake seems to make some preinstall
> stuff with the rpms (heard that from Jacques G.)
> Since we're using Mandrake a lot in education and vservers are a
> wonderful solution, we're willing to test extensively the vserver
> patches on that distro (even if we're not extremely hot on the
> technical side)
> Thanks
> --
> Benoit St-André
> Conseiller pédagogique à la CS des Affluents
> Connaissez-vous Linuxédu-Québec ? http://linuxeduquebec.org
> ben_at_benoitst-andre.net
> Le 3 Janvier 2003 12:57, vous avez écrit :
>> Hello Eje,
>> It would be very helpful if you can share you list of minimal
>> install for RedHat 8.0.
>> I know Paul has an FAQ/script on how to install debian at
>> http://www.paul.sladen.org/vserver/debian. And the release note for
>> ctx16 says the support for Mandrake is still broken (?).
>> Thanks,
>> Peter


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