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From: ragnar_at_this.is
Date: Sun 05 Jan 2003 - 00:34:34 GMT


Only interesting if you are playing with vserver on debian.

Does it make sense to start a group (of list)
to help Ola to produce an easy to install
and potentially stable version?

What's up with different versions for debian ??

I am trying the install from Paul Sladen

The one by Ola Lundqvist depends on the ustable
libc6 (>= 2.3.1-1), what is the point of that?
I would be happy to try it but do prefer to
use woddy on both root and virtual servers.
vserver enter - works on Paul's version.

So back to Paul's method.

1. his kernel at
did not work on my old Pentium 200 server.
so I am testing with my simple version at

If something does not work for me then that
could be the reason.

Installed on a woody box:
http://www.paul.sladen.org/ \

Look cool, still playing with it so not
so many comments on how it works.

2. Regarding his comments in

> This was up-to-date (until Jack released 0.22 today...)

I would like to start using vserver for my customers
so being stable is more important than being up to date.

> This is not FHS ``compliant'' (sticks with /vservers/).

In some other test install there was a /etc/vserver.conf
with a VSERVER_ROOT variable, tools could read that
or a "per server" path to root.

> You require enough clue to deal with bind( yourself.

Paul I do not agree with your "talking down to idiots"
way of saying things. Someone new to vserver will not
know that this problem exists (idiot or not).

> I couldn't find my rebootmgr fixes.

Would be nice to get.

> Remember to do `chmod 000 /vservers/' afterwards.

could / should the install or newvserver script do that?

> Do `update-rc.d vservers update.

Do not understand this
and was unsuccessful in doing without understanding

> wouldn't pass the debian-linter with a barge-pole,

Have you tried to make horde/IMP talk to postgresql :-?


Other questions ... in the context of Debian

What is the status of things like unify for
different file systems?

What I am most interested in is to have vserver
memory use limitation and CPU niceness.

What about LVM?

I did intend to make a FAQ but as I do not konw
enough it is only a report of my install attempts.


ps. ------------------------
and now some things I should not be saying until
after trying the vserver-0.21-1.deb in testing

On install of vserver.deb
Semi forced removal of most services on the root
server when installing the original vserver.deb
Asking for permission to disable inetd and demon
services and offering to bind others to a fixed
address (SSH). Vserver could conflict with bind
and a version compiled with -disable-linux-caps
made available / standard.

Finding "new server" defaults from the root server
potentially using debconf.

On running newvserver
Offer to import package selection, exported with a
standard debian tool.

An option to drop into dselect before installing

Confirm server defaults and only be asked to change
important things - to prevent mistakes.

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