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From: mark.lawrence_at_holcim.com
Date: Fri 31 Jan 2003 - 23:01:20 GMT

I have also seen exactly the same type of behaviour. I have a box running
2.4.18-ctx12, with version 0.18 of the userland utilities, and it ran fine
for a couple of months before it did what you describe. I have not rebooted
yet and don't even know if that will fix the problem...

The fact that basic network connectivity works (ie pings) but dns lookups
don't might point to a udp issue. I have not seen this on any later

Cheers, Mark.

Mark Lawrence (mark.lawrence_at_holcim.com)
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Brandon Hoult <BrandonHoult_at_netsc To: vserver_at_solucorp.qc.ca ape.net> cc: Subject: [vserver] vserver quit accessing network (sort of) 31/01/2003 18:57 Please respond to vserver

Got kind of a strange problem, would appreciate any advice. I installed a vserver amout a month ago v0.21 on a debian system and got everything working. I am using this system as a backup of the main server, and had a test vserver that I played around with for a while which seemed to have no problems.

Now, although it is still running fine, and I can ping and ssh to it from the host machine, I can't access it from any other machine on the network. If I ssh into it from the host, I can ping other machines on the network and can ping machines on the internet with an ip address, but the dns resolution does not work.

I copied a working vserver from another machine to this one and have all the same problems so I don't think it is something in the vserver... but I can't find anything wrong with the host machine. All the ip's seem to be bound correctly with "netstat -l".

Any ideas?


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