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From: Paul Sladen (vserver_at_paul.sladen.org)
Date: Mon 03 Feb 2003 - 15:26:09 GMT

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Debby wrote:

Hi Debbie,

> Does anybody know if and how-to unify several Debian-vserver? 'Vunify' does not
> seem to work - it is only for Redhat-based vservers?

Vunify fetches the selection of files to try and unify (hard-link) for
inspecting the package databases.

Sam Vilain did a script to unify files based on inspecting them, I believe
he was using this for unification of Debian vservers in a commercial setup:


> 5 plus vserver should run that can be accessed from the inter/intranet.

Are wanting a Firewall?

> the main installation should not be able to be seen

How are you going to manage it?

> there the log-files etc should be stored without the possibility to
> alter the written files fron any vserver.

vservers can't access the hosting-server's filesystem or process space
(unless you specifically cause it to happen by say hard-linking a file into
the vserver's space)--that's the idea of these patches.

I don't think these last three points are directly related to vserver. For
example if you are paranoid, you are probably doing remote-syslog/serial
logging and have append-only log files on disk:


> - I would like to update the different vserver separately (and maybe also all at
> once?) without stopping any service.

That's what `apt-get' is for :-). I think you really need to run the
necessary commands run in each vserver and then re-unify them again
afterwards to pick-up the updated files introduced in the upgrade.

> The main server has to have all the IP-numbers (?) and ONLY these IP-numbers can
> be assigned to the versvers?

> Can I have two vservers with the smae IP-number but with different URIs
> (like: www.server1.lan www.server2.lan on one IP-number:

Computers only deal with IP Addresses (numbers). For hosting multiple
websites (different DNS names) on one IP address you will need to turn on
Apache's ``NameVirtualHost'' option.

Details on how to use/configure the Apache webserver are not related with
vserver and can be found on the Apache.org website:


> Do I have to build an ipfilter on the main server for this?

I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve.

Hope that helps,


Nottingham, GB

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