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From: Cedric Veilleux (cedric_at_neopeak.com)
Date: Sun 02 Mar 2003 - 11:37:07 GMT

> I've had a look at the extended attributes/ACL patch, and in all the places
> where it refers to IS_IMMUTABLE, IS_IMMUTABLE_FILE is the correct choice.
> You can try the patch I've just made if you like - no guarantees though.
> try http://vilain.net/linux/acl/acl-0.8.54-2.4.21-pre4-ac6-ctx16.patch.gz
> It's against the most recent kernel in the -ac tree. It builds OK, but I
> have yet to test it.

I had the chance to test your patch. I built and booted the patched kernel. At
first it appeared stable.. I have not made in-depth testing yet, although I
did notice that domain name resolution was not working, which is pretty

At first I didn't suspect it could be a kernel problem, only name resolution
did not work.. I was able to download files, compile stuff, etc without a
glitch.. I suspected a problem at the lan's gateway and I tried to run a dns
server on the box itself, and set /etc/resolv.conf to The
dnscache's log did not show any incoming requests as I tried to resolve IPs..

I then setup an external dnscache on another computer in the lan. When I tried
to resolve IP's, the log did show incoming requests, but it would still
refuse to work. Name resolution would fail with "Temporary name resolution

I then though it might be the new kernel I had compiled.. I tried the previous
"stable" kernel I had, which was compiled with the same .config as the broken
one, and then domain name resolution worked...!

Needless to say, I am completly clueless as to why your patch is preventing
name resolution... If you have ideas on some tests I could perform in order
to pin point the problem, let me know...

Many thanks,


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