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From: DaveC (freevsd_at_comm.it)
Date: Sat 22 Mar 2003 - 19:47:55 GMT

> To me a marriage of vserver and gentoo is a natural. After all, if you're
> running multiple virtual machines on a system, wouldn't it make sense for
> all of the software to be optimized for the hardware platform? That way
> you'd make the most efficient use of the hardware. It makes more sense to
> me than several virtual servers running relatively inefficient Pentium (or
> i386) code on a modern processor...

I've been reading the thread silently but couldn't resist the temptation
of jumping on the "relatively inefficient code" issue...

This is certainly not the place to argue... but believe me you're not
gaining more than 5-8% in speed in recompiling the whole system for a
particular processor, versus recompiling the kernel and core libraries
like the other distributions do. And this comes at a high price in
compiler bugs and incompatibilities with different hardware than the
machine where the code was compiled.

Translated to vserver, I would prefer binary compatibility across many
heterogeneous physical servers rather than 5% faster code that breaks
when moved to another server.

Apart from this opinion, which is of course a very personal thing,
vserver is just a patch for the kernel and some userland tools to make
use of it. The rest of the distribution dependent code (rpm unification,
template creation and so on) cannot be ported to other distros for it's
very same nature... there's no point of unifying rpm packages on Gentoo
or Debian. There's no way to build a vserver from RPM on gentoo...

And I don't think it's fair to pretend something like multi-distribution
support from the developers as this would come at the cost of slowing
down development for what we really need: the kernel patch.


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