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From: Eje Gustafsson (Macahan_at_fament.com)
Date: Wed 02 Apr 2003 - 17:05:12 BST

Just a FYI ctx16-1 have solved my constant crash problems.
Before the longest I would have it up and running under normal load
was aprox 4 days. I now had it up for 2x5 days (I had to shut the box
down at one point) and during this time I have REALLY ABUSED the box
to try to cause it to crash. Ran the script someone posted with wget
grabbing a page that would cause the box to crash. Ran it from 4
different systems hitting my server at the same time pulling a good
chunk over 50k hits per box also ran multiple tests against a radius
server authenticating 10k users in aprox 30sec.

Will be looking forward testing out ctx-18

/ Eje

Wednesday, April 2, 2003, 3:15:09 AM, you wrote:

JS> At 21:51 on Tue 01/04/03, adam_at_gafachi.com masquerading as 'Adam Glynn' wrote:
>> is it possible to limit memory usage on a per context basis?

JS> To quote Jacques Gelinas on list from a week or so back:

JS> { Right after ctx-17, I will release ctx-18 with per vserver file handle
JS> { limitation and per vserver memory limitation. The file handle stuff is
JS> { done. The memory still has a bug.

JS> So, given ctx-17 has just been released, either: soon or use Alex's tree.

JS> Jonathan

Best regards,
 Eje Gustafsson mailto:MacAhan_at_fament.com

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